My Once In a Lifetime Has Started

It’s been a while since I posted something personal. Well this does not get anymore personal than this.

My Once in A Lifetime

I love this phrase coz if you are getting married for any other reason than for once in a lifetime … than well you probably shouldn’t. I feel truly blessed to have met my “once in a lifetime” with a beautiful, kindhearted and loving person.
Our story started back in June this year but it has been a truly amazing few month. Yesterday was the first big step for the both us of ….. the merisik! and as you can see from the pictures, it was an amazing experience.

Rio and Kevin – Merisik 2009


  1. Ini kira “whirlwind romance” ke ? πŸ˜€
    Jodoh la ni..usually we experience a different feeling when we meet our jodoh. Well, from my (and my husband’s) experience lah. We met 10 years ago in June too, he came to merisik in August, we got engaged in Oct and nikah in Feb the following year.
    I doa2kan you berdua kekal bahagia sampai anak cucu πŸ™‚

  2. Salam Kevin. I’m shocked!!! At last but not least….anyway, congrats bro….Tunang u is so cute… Hope will be last forever hingga ke syurga…..Take a good care of your relationship ok…:)

  3. Sesuatu yang dimulakan dengan baik, mempunyai niat yang baik, Insyaallah akan berkekalan. Memilih jodoh mesti memenuhi keempat-empat sebab yang dinyatakan dalam Islam 1. kerana rupanya 2. kerana hartanya (Ini subjektif yer) 3. kerana keluarganya 4. kerana ugamanya. Selalunya orang tidak ambl kira sebab yang ke 4.

  4. Congrates, Bro! Hope you dapat jaga hubungan you elok-elok.Semuga kekal dan jangan bertunang lama-lama…
    Selamat bertunang, Kevin.

  5. waaaaahhhh~
    congrats kevin. lovely3!!! sgt excited tgk. hehehehe
    hm… as for me, pun sama knal bln 6, during ramadhan (bln 9) getting closer n awl bln 12 merisik. hjg bulan 12 btunang n mac 09 kitorg kawin.. n now i’m expecting for 1 st baby this Dec. =)
    wish u all d best ya!

  6. Salam,
    congratz Kevin. Semoga berkekalan bahagia hingga ke syurga insyaAllaah.
    Emmm…i tried to google abt u and rio…but cudnt find any facts except here in ur blog. Wud u mind share with us sikit bout u n rio? (or is it me alone yg taktau anything… :p ) no need to b too detail of course, just wana know basic facts je, like….is rio an artist? where did u guys met? how is she like (owhhh she looks sooooo serene…beautiful masyaAllaah.) but if u dont wana share of course its ok. πŸ™‚
    All d best to both of u…

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