Laptop or Desktop or both? Mac or Windows?

Since I am getting married in April and am in my spending zone, I am in need to replace my current laptop, which honestly was a huge mistake buying in the first place. Don’t buy a Sony – looks good but thats about it.
So as my fiancee may tell you …. I have been bugging her with this for a while …. I need to definitely get a new laptop but also wouldn’t mind the additional juices of a desktop … or both?! And Windows or Mac?

I basically do a lot of web development work – work on Dreamweaver, Photoshop, some video editing, I dont play games ever (I have my xBox for that) and definitely a lot of multi-tasking.

Options: Desktop, Laptop or both?

So here is what I have for options.

  • Laptop Only: I would be looking at another multimedia laptop with at least 15+ inch monster. Downside is that I’d be stuck with another big laptop
  • Laptop + External Monitor: I was thinking buy a decent (13-14inch) laptop that carries some punch and when working at home, hock it up to an external wide screen monitor. I kinda like this option.
  • Desktop Only: Well no brainer but i’d be stuck with my hopeless Sony laptop when moving around.
  • Laptop + Desktop: Means I would have a mid-range laptop and a decent desktop to work at home. Problem I foresee are two – 1. File/email synchronization would be a pain (would working with an external hard-drive fix this?) and 2. I am very mobile (not really a problem, just a fact)

OS: Windows or Mac

Macs are cool but been on Windows for so long. Am a lil hesitant about the switch. Had power supply issues with Macs before and service parts cost a bomb!

  1. Well,mac is a good choice coz its very reliable but of course, the price is expensive.One thing with mac is that, when u first use it,u never want to go back to microsoft window again.Haha. I think sony is not so good.Its like u buy the brand but not the hardware.Theres a lot of laptop that is better than sony. Toshiba is good.

  2. Hi Kevin. I think Mac is the best choice as you mentioned earlier that you want to do web development etc etc. Mac will be fantastic…but as a beginner, you might get frustrated in the beginning. But once you get used to it, you don't want to go back to microsoft window again. Like me. I love my MacBook Pro. It works brilliantly. I'm still a beginner and just used it for 3 months. I do get confused with the system at the beginning, now I LOVE IT!!

  3. yeah …… Macs do look super exciting …. I am not too worried about the OS …. I can definitely get used to it …. I more worried about my habit of changing laptops every two years …. Macs are expensive toys ….
    but thanks for the feedback yusri and izuan.

  4. I suggest you get a mac..macbook pro for doing work outside your house, iMac for at home..i love love mac coz it makes everything so easy, especially using multiple applications at one time (I'm a freelance graphic designer & webpreneur too).. go and try the macs at apple stores (machines @ mid valley & the gardens, to name a few)..i'm sure you'll love mac & find it sooooo convenient 😀

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  6. Hi there just wanted to give you a brief heads up and let you know a few of the images aren’t loading correctly. I’m not sure why but I think its a linking issue. I’ve tried it in two different browsers and both show the same outcome.

  7. im 13, in 8th grade. i usually have to write papers and ALWAYS have to use the internet. which laptop should i get. i kinda need one. we only have one in our house [its just me and my mom], and my mom is a college student and always needs the comp. or should i get a desktop. just wondering if anyone can help me.

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