Happy Bday Karim Zahri: You Would Have Been 34 Today!

Today would have been my brother’s 34th birthday. Unfortunately he passed away back in 2003 when he was still staying in Hamburg, Germany where we grew up as kids. He was my only brother.

About Karim

His full name was Karim Patrick Alexander Zahri born July 12th 1976 in Hamburg Germany. He lived in Germany all his life. Well has was in Malaysia for about a year back in 1991 but did not like it here. My brother was a very intelligent and gentle soul. He had a keen interest to help others, did a lot of charity work and had big plans to do humanitarian work in Asia or South America. He was a very simple man who loved his family and close friends around him.

If you are a muslim and reading this, I would appreciate it if you could donate an Al-fatihah for him. Amin.

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