A Letter For Rafael Zahri

Dear Rafael Zahri,

After 9 months of waiting, yesterday finally marked a miracle for your mummy and I. It was the day we finally got to see, hold and cuddle you in our arms. Some day you will grow up so I am writing this letter to remind you of your humble beginnings in the arms of your parents.

Bali – Your Beginning

You were conceived while mummy and I were on our honeymoon in Bali. I shall spare you the details but it all happened during our stay at The Hill Villas, Nusa Dua. From there, you were always with us.

The next nine-month

Mummy’s pregnancy was not too bad. She didn’t have any particular cravings or morning sickness. We kept reminding ourselves that although we couldn’t see you, you were already part of our family. Everywhere we went, you were already right there with us. Over 8month, mummy provided you with your first home .. her tummy πŸ™‚

How was your delivery?

On the 20th of Dec, your doctor (Dr. Aziz) told us that your head has locked (this is a good thing) and that you are ready to meet us! We were so excited … and a couple of days later, mummy got admitted around 4 pm on the 21st Dec at Prince Court Medical Centre, Kuala Lumpur. After a night of contractions for mummy, around 8 am the following day, mummy’s water broke and we were on an “exciting” 8-hour journey until mummy dilation finally reached that 10cm mark. I was of course always by her side.


Around 4 pm on the 22nd, the real action began. Mummy was pushing, contracting to push you in her arms. After some 40 rounds of puuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuushing, at exactly 16:16, we saw Dr. Aziz literally pull you into this world, and with a sharp cry of your voice …. mummy and daddy looked at each other. We knew our little angel finally arrived. Your mum, as soft and loving as she is, shed tears of joy while I was holding back mine. I wanted to make a strong and good first impression. I even bought new clothes, shoes, and everything. All for you. Lil Rafa!

Your mum, as soft and loving as she is, shed tears of joy while I was holding back mine.

First impressions!?

From the start, although messy, you were a little cutie pie. Mummy calls you bubba. I prefer Rafa. You are named after my idol – Rafael Nadal. Initially, I proposed Rafael Nadal Zahri but we settled for a simpler Rafael Zahri. I hope you like your name.
As you can see from the pictures, you came out looking a little pale, even purplish but that’s normal. Everyone was there to see you on your first day in this crazy world. Opa, Jeddah, Omi, Opi, Aunty Nails, Aunty Aminan, Papa Di, and Aunty Nini …. even your great gran Tok came from PJ to see you.

Our promise to you

Your mummy and I are so in love with you and of course, we are the proudest parents in the world. We have great hopes and expectations for you but will always be there to support your dreams, providing for you and your future. We will listen, give advice, and when needed, we will do what’s necessary to keep you in line.

There will be time when you don’t understand us or merajuk but never forget that from this moment onwards every decision we make will evolve around you. You are our priority. You are what makes us a family!

But remember…

Our son, always remembers to be respectful and polite to people around you. Never forget the sacrifices your mum has endured to bring you into this world. Remember to be a humble and responsible man. No matter how high you reach up for the sky, always keep your feet firmly grounded.

Never forget your roots, your family. Without family, life is meaningless. You are a Muslim and with that comes responsibilities but I am sure with time you will figure life out.
Lots of love and thank you for having your mummy and me be part of your world.

Your Papa

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