Bank Negara Health Talk and Exercise Workshop

I conducted another health and wellness program with Bank Negara Malaysia. This time is was with their upcoming Bank Negara Museum employees.
We have a fun session at their beautiful Lanai Kijang. It was broken down into two parts.

  • Morning Interactive Health Talk Session: Why interactive? Coz the entire session is driven by questions, feedback which often lead to more questions etc. Hope everyone got their health and fitness concerns addressed.
  • Afternoon Gym Workout Session: This is a 2 hour practical gym orientation session where I lead the group through various weight training, cardio and core training routines. It is also an avenue for them to learn about the do’s and don’ts as well as answer any workout or exercise related question they may have.

Included in the session where free weight gain or weight loss eBook to help them on their journey. Interested to conduct your own wellness talk or program? Download my corporate wellness Malaysia brochure or contact me today.

The Pictures:

Thanks to Muid Latif and the team for the awesome pictures!