Izuardi: How I lost 24kg in 3 month

Learn how Izuardi lost 24kg in 3 months with Kevin Zahri’s How to lose 5kg in 5 weeks ebook which teaches you how to build your own balance diet and exercise program.

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Hi Kevin

It’s been 3 months, and thanks to your guide from your ebook, I lost a total of 24kg until today 🙂

I had the same excuses – Work. Eat. Work

Just like any other typical IT professional, we always have one same excuse – we need to eat so that we can code or get our work done, and plus we need to munch on something (always a junk) to get our idea while we are at it. And living a healthy lifestyle wasn’t an option for us because we are too busy and our stuffs is more important than our health.

And that was the excuse I had before, I almost gave up in losing weight and accept the fact that I am “genetically” born to be fat and will stay like that until the day I died – not until i was diagnosed of having a high blood pressure at the age of 27 and that’s when I found your e-book on the internet.

I learned a lot of stuffs that I never known of before. As an engineer I believe in numbers and detailed explanation – and your ebook are making sense! So i decided to give it a shot, at weight 101 kg.

…Within first week i managed to lose 3kg, and that keeps me going…

Within first week i managed to lose 3kg, and that keeps me going. I was 200% motivated, I keep my food log and i go for every possible solutions for the most impressive result (eg you gave options in your ebook to either eat right or workout hard, i go for both!)

I went thru ramadhan losing 3kg without any workout and survived raya by maintaining the weight I had on the week before (I know it was crazy, but I read your guide on Ramadhan and Raya and it really helped me a lot).

From 101kg, my weight now is only 77kg!

Until last week, my weight was already 77kg and with height of 178cm, i managed to turned myself from obesity to overweight to current ideal weight according to the BMI measurement.

The most important bonus I got from your guide is that I am living a healthy lifestyle now. There was a time when I can’t even think of any sport or recreation (because I know i would stop to catch my breath for every 1 minute and it’s not fun so i rather pull my blanket and continue the evening sleep on weekend) but now I just can’t stop hitting the gym and do activities and get sweat – hiking, running, squash, walking instead of driving etc. Now I don’t feel sleepy and tired anymore at the office desk, no more high blood pressure, life is beautiful and I can still enjoy scrumptious foods – wisely!

I would highly recommend this ebook at anytime. Thanks again for your guide and drive me to where I am right now 🙂


  1. WOW !. thanx to kevin too! huhu… since the day i watched u on tv (whi raya), I’ve started thinking of  what i should n shouldnt eat IF i’m super duper starving late at night. yeah .. the calories stuffs… huhu thanx kevin. 

  2. wow! impressive! i just started my “no rice” diet… i hope i can make it again coz I managed to survive for more than 6 months before and really, i lose so much weight. AJA! 

  3. Wow.. I’m very impressed with yours and Eda’s (lost 33kg) achievement. Congrats ya.. I guess I can sum up everything as 1) DISCIPLINE first! 2) Begin with the end in mind, should get you motivated 200% 3) Create calorie deficit which requires calorie counting 4) Exercise (balance up cardio+weight training) 5)Control temptation 6) Reward each week 7) Drink lots of water to raise metabolic rate 8) of course..eat healthily.  Currently I’m addicted to exercise but will start to religiously count my calories.. starting now :). Thanks Kevin and everyone for the great motivational stories.

  4. Losing weight with exercise is better. You don’t feel sleepy during the day and you can get better sleep at night. I’ve lost 21kg in just 3 months by doing exercise(running,jogging,soccer,swimming). At first we might be shy but after several weeks you will be used to it. You cannot live without exercise after you have started it.

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