Izuardi: How I lost 24kg in 3 month

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Hi Kevin

It’s been 3 months, and thanks to your guide from your ebook, I lost a total of 24kg until today 🙂

I had the same excuses – Work. Eat. Work

Just like any other typical IT professional, we always have one same excuse – we need to eat so that we can code or get our work done, and plus we need to munch on something (always a junk) to get our idea while we are at it. And living a healthy lifestyle wasn’t an option for us because we are too busy and our stuffs is more important than our health.

And that was the excuse I had before, I almost gave up in losing weight and accept the fact that I am “genetically” born to be fat and will stay like that until the day I died – not until i was diagnosed of having a high blood pressure at the age of 27 and that’s when I found your e-book on the internet.

I learned a lot of stuffs that I never known of before. As an engineer I believe in numbers and detailed explanation – and your ebook are making sense! So i decided to give it a shot, at weight 101 kg.

…Within first week i managed to lose 3kg, and that keeps me going…

Within first week i managed to lose 3kg, and that keeps me going. I was 200% motivated, I keep my food log and i go for every possible solutions for the most impressive result (eg you gave options in your ebook to either eat right or workout hard, i go for both!)

I went thru ramadhan losing 3kg without any workout and survived raya by maintaining the weight I had on the week before (I know it was crazy, but I read your guide on Ramadhan and Raya and it really helped me a lot).

From 101kg, my weight now is only 77kg!

Until last week, my weight was already 77kg and with height of 178cm, i managed to turned myself from obesity to overweight to current ideal weight according to the BMI measurement.

The most important bonus I got from your guide is that I am living a healthy lifestyle now. There was a time when I can’t even think of any sport or recreation (because I know i would stop to catch my breath for every 1 minute and it’s not fun so i rather pull my blanket and continue the evening sleep on weekend) but now I just can’t stop hitting the gym and do activities and get sweat – hiking, running, squash, walking instead of driving etc. Now I don’t feel sleepy and tired anymore at the office desk, no more high blood pressure, life is beautiful and I can still enjoy scrumptious foods – wisely!

I would highly recommend this ebook at anytime. Thanks again for your guide and drive me to where I am right now 🙂


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