Ramadhan: How to exercise while fasting

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Today, over 1.5 billion muslims around the world will embrace the holy month of Ramadhan. And just like any holiday season, everyone wants to look their best when festivities of aid (the end of Ramadhan) hit home.
Now to help you get in shape this Ramadhan, I would like to provide you on how to exercise while fasting during Ramadhan.
First the good news: I can confidently say that over 80% of fasting Muslims will lose weight this Ramadhan. With or without exercise. The daily calorie restrictions and fasted insulin levels (due to lengthy carbohydrate restrictions), will result help the average person drop some 3-4kg over 30 days.
But if you want to lose more, exercising during Ramadhan can be an excellent opportuniy to shred more fat but there are vital risk factors that you need to be aware off.

Can you exercise while fasting?

The hardest part of exercising while fasting is not the lack of energy (food) but the restriction of water. Dehydration is biggest obstacle for exercising during Ramadhan, especially as most Muslims life very hot climate where dehydration is a serious illness.
Fitness enthusiasts are quick to associate fasting during Ramadhan with Intermittent Fasting (IF) but there is a key difference: IF allows you to continually drink (any) calorie free fluids. Ramadhan does not. Water changes everything.
If you must exercise whilst fasting, I would recommend keeping it to low intensity workouts like brisk walking, slow jog or light indoors sessions as close to breaking fast as possible. This limits the risks of dehydration and gets vital fluids and calories back into your system as soon as possible.
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Ramadhan fat burning secret…

The best ways to burn fat during Ramadhan are low intensity workout before your break fast OR high/low intensity workout just after you break fast (water only). Why? Because by that time, the body has depleted its glycogen levels (main source of energy) and in its absence is forced to tap into its fuel reserves, FAT. [/one_whole]

What about High Intensity (HI) Workouts?

I would keep any high intensity workouts like vigorous sports training, HIIT, weight training and any exercise where your heart rate reaches 80% max POST fasting. Safety needs to be your number one priority.
Dehydration and fatique from high intensity training while fasting can lead to cramping, dizziness, nausea, loss of performance, disorientation, cardiac arrest and even death. Its this reason most muslim footballers like Mesut Ozil will opt not to fast during the upcoming EURO 2016.

What about taking a month off execise?

If you are active all year round, there is a lot of wear n tear that your joints, tendons and muscles have to ensure. And just as professional athletes’ post season, Ramadhan can be that once a year off mode. I personally take a month of exercising during Ramadhan but the choice is yours.
Happy fasting to all muslims around the world.