5 Lessons My Dad Taught Me

I remember the days when my dad was my superhero. Happy times. The strength, love and comfort is something I will always remember and hold onto. My son currently (still) looks at me that way. I am who I am today largely because of my parents and following are 5 lessons or qualities I picked up from my dad.

1) Independence and perseverance.

My father faced many obstacles in life. Having migrated to Germany (from Malaysia) in the 1970s with virtually nothing, he worked hard to become who he is today. Even today at 65, he is still working. My dad was always a one man show, just like I am today, never relying on others to carve a path to success. If others help you along your journey than great but if no one does, you need to make it happen for yourself.

2) Relentless Strength

My dad is an alpha-male powerhouse. I only saw my dad cry 2x times in my life. The first time is when he lost custody of me at the hands of the German court. After custody was not granted to my dad, I tried running towards him but was held back. I remember my dad feeling helpless. Its a moment I will never forget. Of course over the years, life wears on you but its my turn to lend him strength.
[one_whole boxed=”true”]Let me tell you a secret: Every man has fears. Every man, even the most powerful leaders and so do I. But I cover it with strength and positivity. We don’t share it with the world. [/one_whole]

3) Be there for the family.

Despite running a home-based business in Germany and raising me as a single dad, he was always around. Always at home. He dragged me along to meeting and made me feel important. I was his world. Its important to make the people around feel relevant and needed. My dad once told me that his hardest battle in life was to keep the family together, geographically speaking that is.

..Despite running a home-based business in Germany and raising me as a single dad, he was always around…

4) Consistency

When my father said “NO” to something, that decision never changed. No is no – today, tomorrow and forever. Sounds harsh but as a child was important and gave me consistency and assurance. His behaviors and routines were always consistent and predictable too. Maybe that sounds “boring” but “boring” works! My wife calls me the most boring person she knows but its make her feel safe – she knows what to expect of me and so do my kids.

5) Quality over quantity.

My dad is a person who appreciates quality – from fabrics, hifi, cars, curtains or cooking appliances or prayers. Its always quality over quantity. It just rubbed off me and is something I integrated into my own life and work ethics.
Its never easy for a men to express how they feel. I guess the same goes for father and sons. But I hope to honor my dad by trying to be as good a father to my children as he was to me.
My dad will always be my superhero. Happy fathers day!