A letter for 7 Year Rafael. School has begun.

My dearest Rafael,

It’s been over 7 years that I have written to you. Today was your 1st school day. Wow, it’s unbelievable how fast the last 7 years went by.

Before I shall pass on my insights on what the next years of the school shall bring, allow me to remind yourself (and myself) of the last years so that when a day comes and you can perhaps hold on to the innocence that will slowly be leaving you. But that’s ok.

Being your father has been the most meaningful experience of my life. What a wonderful boy you are. So full of energy, laughter, full of jokes (you got that from me), and excited about everything that life has to offer. Don’t lose you being you.

As a father, I could not have asked for a more memorable, a more loving time with you.

As a father, I could not have asked for a more memorable, more loving time with you. We had so much fun together. You remind me so much of myself when I was little. We are one.

What was the hardest part of being your father?

Work. Well, work is easy but it took away time from being with you. If it were up to me, I would stop work altogether and just be your Daddiel. I tried that in 2016. We traveled the world (well not really the world). We are on the road for 3-4 months but by June, I realized I have bills to pay :).

The more time we spent together, the faster time seemed to pass. It’s crazy. There was never enough time.

But, over the next few years, you will be going through changes – you are growing up sooner than I would like. It’s not easy letting go of my “small lil man”, my Babael. You, on the other hand, can’t wait for it to happen.

You want to be a scientist or football player.

And although these dreams may change over the years, know that I will always be there to support your goals and work with you through any problem that you may encounter. My little man 🙂

School will be fun.

You make friends so easily. Wherever we go, you would bring a little pouch full of action figures and toys to “bait” other kids into coming to play. Studies are important but more importantly, I want you to create new experiences, compete in sports, build character and yes, fall in love. Love is a big part of life. A big part of being happy. Don’t be afraid to love or fall in and out of love.

Other than playing and fighting (haha) with friends, I don’t remember much about the early years of school. But that’s ok too. You will know how to tighten the screws on your studies when the time comes. But that is a letter for another day.

Sayang your grandparents.

You are blessed with amazing grandparents who love you with all their heart. You bring them joy and laughter. Enjoy their love for you but appreciate the time you have together. Be kind, respectful, and reach out to them as often as you can. Life can change in an instant.

Some day

Some day when you are old enough to read and appreciate this post, remember that I will always believe in you, to support your dreams, your ups and down. We are family and you are always my #1 priority. That said, I will not solve every problem you encounter.

I will not solve every problem you encounter.

As your dad, it is my job to guide you along your journey. But this it is your journey. It is and must be your life. You know that. As I always say “It’s ok to make mistakes. We learn from mistakes”. So Rafa, allow yourself to make mistakes and take risks. Without risk, there is no reward.

Enjoy the next years of primary school. They will be super exciting. And if you find me looking and smiling at you from afar, that’s just me being amazed at what you can do. You are my amazing little boy.

Oh and if it not too much to ask, do give your daddy a big hug once in a while. I need it more than you know.

I love you Rafael. Nyam Nyam

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