Travel: CNY at Marina Bay, Singapore

In between my busy Jom Kurus seminar tour, I finally managed to squeeze in a quickie vacation with the family to Singapore.

This time around it was all about Marina Bay, Garden by the Bay and just chill. Its a place I visited alone my kids in 2016 but it was the first time for my wife. Whats good about Marina Bay? Its far from the shopping black hole that is Orchard Road haha.

Electric Scooters

Since the Marina Bay area is pretty large, we rented these amazing electric scooters. Super fun and made exploring Marina Bay, Garden by the Bay, night light show and everything else a breeze.

Prudential was hosting 2 pretty cool mini theme-parks right at the bay, not cheap but nothing really is in Singapore.

Chinese New Year Chinatown?

Since it was Chinese New Year, we wanted to checkout the lantern display at Chinatown but due to the crowds, we were advised against it.

Enjoy the photos.