There are NO rules in Life.

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Part of who I am adalah jiwa seseorang yang lakukan sesuatu just for the sake of doing it. Get it? . Many are too worried tentang pandangan orang ramai terhadap diri mereka. . Worried tentang apa orang akan cakap. . Worried utk mengecewakan atau tidak dapat persetujuan orang ramai. . You can never please everyone. . . Kalau ada niat utk lakukan sesuatu yang baik, DO IT. You need to step OUT of your comfort zone to experience new things. To experience LIFE. . If I wanna wear a unicorn custome for my daughters unicorn party, I DO IT. . There are NO rules in life. Only actions and consequences. But you hv to be accountable for ur own actions or INACTIONS. . Its your life. Live it! #unicornsforever ? ??

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