Unicorn Cafe Bangkok. 1st Solo Daddy Daughter Vacation.

My dearest Mikaela. It’s 2018 and yay, we took our first vacation together to Bangkok. Just the two of us. We had such a wonderful time. You are growing so quickly and these are moments that I will cherish for the rest of my life.

Why Bangkok?

Two words: Unicorn Cafe. You are obsessed with unicorns and so am I, thanks to you. All in all we had an awesome 5 days together. We stayed at the Banyan Tree Hotel which has an awesome dinner experience on its rooftop but you were too scared so we settled for a window seat instead.

Our mode of transportation?

Tuk-tuks! That is all you wanted for every ride to anywhere! I dont blame you. The faster they drove, the louder your screams of joy. Aside from the typical touristy stuff, we visited Bangkok’s Asiatique almost daily. Its a themepark with plenty of makan-joints. The theme park was awesome and virtually vacant as you can tell by the pictures. By the 2nd day, the ride operators all knew you and gave you plenty of pro-bono riding time.

When you grow, I hope you will remember the trip and if you don’t do cherish the photos and memories. You will forever be my lil unicorn.

Your Dada 2018