Talking cigarettes with my 7-year old daughter.

As my kids are now 7 and 9, they have been asking more and more about cigarettes which they continually see being sold openly at grocery stores and yeah “smoked” by their at-times favorite actors and singers on good old television.

Talking about cigarettes with my kids

So having spoken about the subject from time to time over the years and them questioning the “logic” of people smoking whilst being aware of its dangers, I’d figured this would be a great time for a Dad Talk video and do an OPEN and UNREHEARSED discussion about cigarettes.

The goal here is not to scare them or alienate those who do smoke but to help empower themselves to make their own decisions when the D-Day does come. Do share your own thoughts, tips, and experiences ah yeah, let me know if you want to see more of these Dad Talk segments.