Mika’s 1st Day with KL Dragons Basketball Academy

As you may have noticed, my 7-yr old daughter is basically a carbon copy of myself. We both love love love sports, fitness, competing, and Sudoku! Thanks to the Covid19 lockdown, she has been practicing her basketball bouncing skills.

1000x apologies to my neighbors below our apartment for the constant bouncing ..

Aside from the tennis academy, fitness training, muay-thai, and gymnastics academy, she has been asking me to sign her up for Basketball. I know its a “lil” bit much but she is seven. After all, these are the years she is meant to explore and find her groove. So why the hell not. Lets sign her up.

So after some quick WhatsApp messages to a couple of friends who are Basketball coaches here in Mont Kiara (albeit all on hold due to Covid), I was quickly pointed towards the KL Dragon Basketball Academy in Petaling Jaya, and after a few back-and-forths via WhatsApp messages with one of their coaches, Mika’s first Basketball trial as all set.

KL Dragons Basketball Academy – Super Experience.

I will let the photos speak for themselves but Mika had an amazing time on the court. With no school and lockdowns, just seeing her run up and down the open court with older but amazingly supportive girls was a super experience.

To my surprise, despite being just seven, Mika held her own, competed well, and showed amazing spirit. That is really all I can ask for. Not that I ask her much. As a dad, just seeing her smile ear to ear and have an amazing time is all that matters.

Huge shoutout to Coach Kenneth for being super positive. Let the dribbling continue 🙂