Sauna untuk kuruskan badan?

Penggunaan sauna malaysia untuk kurangkan berat badan dan bakar ribuan kalori? Adakah ia semudah itu?

Some of you have been asking me about the health benefits of stepping into the sauna, especially untuk kuruskan badan (weight loss). In short, following are 5 benefits (you can read the post for more details).

  • 1. Releases Toxins (detox)
  • 2. Burns Calories (can reduce weight)
  • 3. Reduces Acne and Skin Problems
  • 4. Improve Immune System
  • 5. Reduce Stress and Relaxation

1 Releases Toxins (detox).

As much as 1/3 toxins dibuang melalui kulit badan – through sweat! So dengan peningkatan metabolisma badan di sauna, more toxins are released.
For more info about detox, read my post on Juvanex detox diet

2. Burns Calories (can reduce weight).

Dengan hanya duduk di sauna, metabolisma badan sememangnya akan meningkat. Kenapa? Kerana badan perlu melawan keadaan cuaca yang extreme – panas dan lembap.

Keadaan itu perlukan badan untuk bekerja dengan lebih keras untuk kekalkan susu badan melalui kondensasi air pada permukaan muka kulit. Dan apabila badan berkerja dengan lebih keras, sudah tentu ia akan mengingkatkan pembakaran kalori.

Jadi berapa banyak pembakaran kalori untuk 1x sessi sauna 30min? Dalam 100kcal berbanding dengan mungkin 50kcal kalau duduk biasa (bukan sauna)

That prolonged states obviously makes our obdy burn more calories. That pulak can potentially help you to kurangkan berat badan.

3. Reduces Acne and Skin Problems.

Those suffering from acne, cuts or skin irritations can benefit from regular sauna sessions. Ok now I am no skin or beauty expert but based on what I read, it definitely makes sense. What elevated heart rate and metabolism will increase the blood flow to the skin. More blood there means more bekalan nutrien and oxygen to the skin.

4. Improve Immune System.

With rising body temperature, our immune system produces more sickness fighting cells. This reaction indirectly boosts our sistem pertahanan badan.

5. Reduce Stress and Relaxation.

In the stress management seminars I conduct, we do talk about chemicals that build up in the body due to stress! Toxins or not, a 15-20min stay in a sauna releases chemicals, hence reducing stress. Also heat therapy is relaxing…just like a hot bath (I like these) hahaha.
Sauna Caution for Pregnant Women and Heart Patients: Pregnant women, heart patient with low or high blood pressure condition or suffering from any disease which has negative effect of sauna bath should first consult a physician regarding their physical condition and the length of period they can take sauna bath.

  1. hi kev…
    fancy visiting ur blog today….
    at last..oppss…haha
    r u really sitting in the sauna as in the pic???
    hmm that’s pretty good about ur new article
    hey kev,when ur “cedokok or cekodok” like web will b launched…ok kev, thanks
    hope to c more….

  2. smrtfz -> “photoshoped” the picture la. I was actually “sittin” in a bathtub…that pic was taken waaaay back in 2002! Damn I’m getting old la. will be launched in Sept kot. It will be an extensive Malaysian food calorie guide and more. Its 100% free of course la.

  3. shima,
    kevin is mine. you pergi carik lelaki lain ok… heheheh
    sauna is a room heated by some kind of oven/rocks.. very dry
    steambath is a room heated by stim.. very very wet..
    I love steambath… I’ll go everytime I go to the gym πŸ™‚

  4. kevin, how many time can i do sauna a week. Especially during ramadan, after buka around 1 hour time can i go for sauna. u said it can reduce weight how about our body will it firm as well ker flabby? tq in advance

  5. Hey Kev, gotta ask this qustion, is it bad to go to the sauna after weights sessions? Cause i read that it’s not good due to it drainng out extensive amounts of water that our muscles actually need most. Which is after the “pumping” period no? Thanks mate!

  6. kevin, how many kerap kita boleh bersauna? i mean, if 3 times a week tu kira mcm torturing your body ke? and btw about it’s awesome man!

  7. hey kev n frens…
    i just started to try this sauna thing recently..
    before this i have skin irritation..mmg buruk sgt..
    now i active kt gym..pegi 3 times a week..ok kan? and after gym usually i duduk dlm sauna my suprise my skin iriitation dh slowly’s not like it will happen right away kan? but it happens! and i believe in the goodness of sauna..u guys yg ada same problem as i am try la sauna..u may not like it at 1st but after a few times it will feel better..btw kevin i read ur book and i think u r a genius.. πŸ˜‰

  8. pertama kali aku pergi sauna masa kat german. punya lah aku terkejut. laki pompuan campur, tua muda semua ada.. tapi langsung takde seurat benang..pastu ada yang kenal aku..relax je bersembang.. aku pikir dlm diri sendiri..eye contact..jangan melilau buat malu je kang..hahaha

  9. Hai…
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  10. kevin. if merancang untuk hamil tapi dalam masa yg sama nk kurus boleh ke duduk dkt infrared sauna tu.?

    1. the reason they say not to use the sauna is because of the high temp and the effects on the baby. if you are trying to conceive, better be safe than sorry πŸ™‚

  11. In my sauna here they have the sauna box and a cool bath. I got no idea which one to start first do you know? what is the logic?

  12. Hello Kevin,
    I like this article, although there are pros and cos of the sauna. I believe you are talking about the conventional sauna with dry heat. However, this is diffe
    rent from a far infrared Sauna or FIR Sauna.
    With the FIR Sauna, you can sit everyday. Fir is radiant sunlight energy, therefore no problem sitting everyday. Its like getting the benefits of the far end spectrum of the sunlight every single day.
    Apart from all these benefits you mention, an FIR Sauna is good for cancer prevention. Raising your core temperature regularly, creates a fever that is able to ward off any infection. Increased circulation does not enable an environment for cancer cells to thrive.
    I’m a firm believer in exercise for health and fitness. However, I do have my lazy days where I can just sit in the FIR Sauna, burn up to 600kcal, while reading a book or listening to my favourite cd.
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