Life, karma and yeah its ironies

By the time you read this post, its probably the 10th draft. Just like my turning 30 post, not really sure where I am heading with this post … but its to share and serve as a reminder to myself for the future.
July has been interesting. I realized some things that I never really had to deal with before. A month where instead of giving advice and consultation, I find myself seeking advice from the people close to me. This month has been a good reminder that no matter how strong or successful we are, our own …. or in this case, my own strengths can backfire. A friend of mine warned me about this not so long ago and yeah, she was right!
I know what I want in life. I know what are the things I value most. Irony is that at times my actions or image do not portray these things.
I dont consider myself famous nor do I want to be. I wrote about this 3 yrs back but again fame has never been a craving of mine. Never will be. I want and live a simple life. Generally I dont care too about what strangers think about me. I can’t please the world and dont try to but when a person I care about is influenced by these “opinions”, it is harder to digest – lagi2 if I have no control over them. If that is the price of fame than I dont need it.
Talking about control. I am very good at controlling myself – my health, my career .. my life. Control gives me stability … but was reminded this month that I can’t control everything. Rather than trying to control the situation, I must learn to take a step back no matter how much I want it.
Victories give you confidence but can lead to over-confidence and carelessness. Everyone needs to face defeat as a reminder that we need to remain humble. This month I am glad to have been humbled in the hope that it will lead to success in the future.
I have my priorities. I now need to make sure that the things in my life are aligned to make it as easy as possible to accomplish.

  1. life must go on no matter what it throws us. we might fall on our knees along the way, stumbled somewhere, get hurt, frustrated, losing faith and hope, but we have to get up, keep on walking, straight ahead…

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