New eBook: How to Gain 5kg in 10 Weeks

Dear all,
After the success of my weight loss eBook, I am excited to release a eBook that focuses entirely on weight and muscle gain! But wait, is there a difference between muscle and weight gain? Absolutely.

But is weight gain really that difficult?

Well depends on who you ask but for those you are skinny and hoping to gain weight are quick to tell you that they have tried everything. From appeton weight gain, exercise and food but it just does not stick!.

Thats exactly where is eBook comes in. It helps you make sense of various misconceptions, providing you with step by step instructions to help you gain 5kg in 10 weeks.

10 Reasons you are NOT gaining weight.

Weight gain is not too difficult but most people who have tried and failed do not understand how weight gain happens. There is more to weight gain than eating. Weight training alone also won’t do the trick and of course there is no such thing as a magic pill.

In the beginning of my ebook, I highlight various reasons why you may not be gaining weight. I also address the difference between muscle and weight gain. One of the most important steps in helping you gain weight is to understand how it happens in the first place.

Ask yourself – do you know how to gain 1kg? Probably not. Let alone 5kg over 10 weeks. You need this eBook and after reading is you will be in full control of your life, health and most importantly your weight! Get your copy today!

eBook Features

Like all my other ebooks, this eBook has been carefully written and designed so that you can easily follow the instructions and steps.

  • Complete weight gain diet plan based on the Malaysian lifestyle.
  • 10 week fitness program and individual exercises.
  • 70 excel spreadsheet weight gain planner to help you track your results.
  • Review of various weight gain supplements to see if they work for you.
  • and lots more

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