I am 40 years and lost 10kg in 3 Month

  • Name: Aminudin bin Abdul Rahim
  • Age: 40 Years
  • Goal Weight Loss
  • Achievement: Lost 10kg in 3 Month

Hi Kevin

First and foremost, I would like to thank you for the knowledge that you have shared. It really gave me the breaking point to my yoyo weight problems. I always have this issue of reducing my weight and then putting it on again. I am moderately active in sports (plays badminton once a week) but somehow it does not really help me with weight loss. After joining your workshop and understanding calories then I really know how to maintain or reduce my weight. Being active in sports now becomes a supplement in managing my calories.

After joining your workshop and understanding calories then I really know how to maintain or reduce my weight.

Working in Miri, Sarawak

I was originally working in Cyberjaya before I moved over to Miri Sarawak. For the first 3 months, I did not manage my eating habits well. Roti Canai, Roti Nan, Capati, Teh Tarik, Mee Jawa, Chicken Wings, etc etc are my daily menu. My company organized a health month and I did a health screening somewhere in November 2011.

To my surprise, my readings were really off the chart, everything! Weight at 78 kg (overweight for my height of 1.71 cm), tummy 100 cm, BMI, blood sugar (10.5), Cholesterol, blood pressure at border line (pre-hypertension). That really woke me up! Cannot be like this! I am going to be 40 next year.

The health organizer approached me and asked me to join your workshop. I sign up and that where the CHANGE begins…. Jeng jeng jeng… I also started reading your e-books starting with the 5 kg in 5 weeks of weight loss.

Post Weight Loss Workshop Diet and Exercise

After attending your workshop, I did the extreme. I STOP totally, the daily tea breaks habits and also my bad eating habits. My dislike of vegetables also changed 360 degrees. I become a fan of vegetables. I followed your advice to:

  • eat more fruits & vegetables
  • eat half portion of rice
  • took half teh tarik
  • eat more frequently.

I also make habits of parking further away to walk more and increase my weekly exercise (play futsal 2 times a week, badminton, weekends jogging & bowling which is my favorite sport). In the beginning, it was quite hard because I am not used to these intense activities, especially futsal. One time after finishes playing futsal, my hands are shaking.

My wife also says that I am obsessed with you because I keep on talking about what you do 🙂 Even when I am driving from KL to JB when I stop at the R&R, I will buy fruits for snacks. I also never forget to give myself an off day.

The New Me – From 78kg to 67kg

All these changes I have made really help me a lot:

  • I manage to reduce my weight to 67 kg
  • Tummy to 87 cm (somewhere in Jan 2012)
  • My blood sugar reduces to 5.4
  • No more hands shaking after futsal, I can last for an hour with no issues!

Reward and Sharing My Knowledge

I feel great and people come to me saying that I look young. That’s the best part.. haha.. perasan pulak. Also because of this change, my wife starts following my diet. I created an excel sheet to calculate BMR (attached) and share this with my family & friends. I also need new clothing’s as the old ones are too big. Pants are 3 inches too big now!

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