Stopped Gym For 3 months, how to start again?

hi, can u tell me what should i do to maintain my muscle since i will be leaving the gym for 3 months time.(totally).
what should i eat ,and what supplements i can take and wat kind of simple exercise i can do. thank you.

After stopping for 3 month, you obviously would have lost strength and muscle size. Hence if you goal is muscle gain, you should focus on regaining your strength and consequently building your muscle (again). This should not take as long as it did the first time around thanks to muscle memory but you still need to and eat well & intensely.

Should be according to your goal! If you wanna gain mass, then you gotta eat consistently and accordingly. For toning, I would be more careful with my food intake and breakdown. Timing would also be important lah.

Stick to basic lifting exercises that target the major muscles like bench presses, pull downs, shoulder presses, curls etc. Design a workout routine that suits your schedule but allow your muscles to rest (otherwise they won’t grow).

For supplements, I would look at:
1. Whey Protein or weight gainers (if you need to gain weight n have problems eating)
2. Creatine (to help you with size and strength)
3. Multi-Vitamines
4. Others: Glutamine and other depending on your budget.


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