Launch Party:

Parti pelancaran, portal hiburan astro at Sunshine Palace, Kuala Lumpur Malaysia. Check out da pix.

Below are some photos from the recent launch party of Went with intan, nora and mr thumbelina.

Apa dia

Murai adalah the latest online website for berkaitan dunia hiburan Malaysia from Astro. An entertainment news portal. Seems to be the latest trend or competition among Malaysia’s broadcasters.
Apa kena mena with me? Well its Astro’s baby so there will always be opportunities to collaborate. Maybe a health blog/space at or….maybe even both…..we’ll see. Enjoy the pix.

  1. Kev, good to know you’re kickin’ alive. Who did the illustration in your fitness book? looks cool. Maybe I’ll check your book in Borders soon.
    About Murai, I thought they (AMP) have few great web designers over there, and when I visited Murai’s portal, it seems otherwise. Perhaps they could do more or much better than
    Anyway, keep in touch and stay cool. Cheers!

  2. salam,
    kev i dah pre order ur 24/7 book…. ada autograf dari u ker? if not, i nak suggest kat u.. bila leh dapat? jgn lupa pic u tgk nadal main tenis kat shah alam….. tak sabar nak tgk pic yang u ambil

  3. bbwilmi – thanks for the feedback
    muid – Thanks for droppin by….caricatures are done by a guy called yon…it was a real headache finding a reliable and professional caricature artist….but he’s a good catch. Yeah currently looks better than murai…..I’m looking at getting my “celebrity health blog” at gua or murai or both? Muahahahah.
    fren – thanks 🙂 yes i will sign all copies….my team are going to finalize the promo nanti.

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