Biggest Loser Asia Auditions in Malaysia

I’m sure by now, most of you have heard that The Biggest Loser Asia is coming to town this weekend.

The Show – “The Biggest Loser Asia”

The Biggest Loser is a life-changing unscripted US series by NBC in which everybody “loses” to win. It challenges and encourages severely overweight contestants to undergo strenuous physical and mental challenges in order to shed pounds. The one who loses the most gains not only a grand cash prize but also a healthy body!

Shot and produced in Malaysia

The Biggest Loser Asia is Hallmark Channel’s first foray into local production, after it successfully secured the broadcast rights for eight seasons of the popular US reality series since early 2009. It will be shot and product in our very own Malaysia

Whats to win?

One lucky contestant will become a spokesperson in the drive against obesity in Asia and win US$100,000 along the way!

How to enroll?

Casting for the Asian series is open for those who want and have the desire and competitive edge to vie for this opportunity to change their lives forever.

From June 22 to Aug 31, hopefuls can send in their applications online at, in the mail and or turn up at casting events.

Who is the host?

My good friend – Sarimah Ibrahim! Congratulations. You deserve it.

Who are the trainers?

Not sure but i have my screen test for one of the trainers this Sunday. I better impress so keep your fingers crossed for me.

…i have my screen test for one of the trainers this Sunday. I better impress so keep your fingers crossed for me…

The Biggest Loser season 6 is now on the Hallmark Channel at 9pm every Tuesday.

  1. gud luck to you kevin..
    i hope u will be one of the trainer..
    huhu,even i am a sknny guy…lol..
    al the best..

  2. Hello, I’m ed, obese and I want to join ur program. I got what it takes: cuz first, I’m fat and second, I want to lose it. I am in manila and would like to apply online but your site don’t work. Please help me.

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