Parents: They are everything you are.

Having gone through 27+ plus year of my life, my perspectives on lots of things have changed. Parenthood is no longer a bad idea and the way of you look at your own parents have changed…for the better 🙂

I love my parents in ways that words can never describe (plus, like my dad, I was never good at expressing emotions). They are the reason I am who I am today (for better or worse). Although my mum has returned to Rahmatullah the memories and love she gave are embedded in me till the day I die.

Seeing her on her death bed, broke me into a million pieces but once those pieces were back in place, it makes me stronger and puts life into perspective. A mother can never be replaced and the woman (singular!) I shall spend the rest of my life with someday will also be based my those memories. In other words, she would have to resemble the qualities I saw in my mum.

My Strong Papa

After 27 years I am proud when people say to me “Like father like son”. My dad has always been the greatest role model in my life and will always be. No one will ever come close! Never! Losing my mum was hard enough but I can’t imagine what Tiger Woods must be going through right now as he just lost with best friend, his father. My father will live in me forever and I shall raise my kids as he raised me, in his honor.

Why am I writing this post?  To share my value and appreciation for (my) parents.

They are the ones that go through thick and thin with you. They never lose faith no matter how degil (I am very :)) one can be. Even if you leave them for 10 years without a word, they would accept you back in a heartbeat. You are their blood (maybe that’s an animal instinct)

Parents keep the family together, no matter how you wanna avoid it. My father for example made sure that I lived just 50m away from him but understood that I needed to be my own man. Now I definitely appreciate the closeness.

When you are young, you think that parents are unfair and the teenage years often become years of struggle as once yearns for independence, freedom, and self-discovery. I never understood my father would hardly show appreciation for my accomplishments. Rather than congratulating me for A’s I got, he would ask me about the B’s! Back then I thought, “isn’t anything I do good enough for you?” His answer once was “I’m the proudest father in the world but I need to teach you to stay grounded and not to bangga diri”.

My loving Mama.

Where my father was the alpha male role model, my mum was the kindest, most loving woman I know. Their combination makes me extremely hard on the outside but “manja” on the inside. They are who I am today.

Cherish your parents. All their advice, nagging is for a reason. There are more important things in life than money, lost love. Friends come and go. Family is here to stay forever. They are the ones that will there for you. It is not important what the world thinks of you as they don’t know you and you can never please them all. Your family does.

Sacrifice. Sacrifice some of your time to share time with your family. Parents have sacrificed so much in raising you. I would give up my entire career, money, and hell ya, I’ll give up my life in a heart-beat if it meant that it could save my parents in some way. I would go through hell and back if that meant I could ensure heaven and happiness for my mum.

Cherish your parents. Try to see them through their eyes. Without them, you would not be anywhere!

Herzlichen Muttertag Mama 🙂
Mit Viel Liebe,
Dein Kleiner 🙂

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