Are you struggling with bloating while trying to lose weight? Follow these quick diet tips to reduce bloating and look fabulous.

One frustrating thing that tends to get many dieters down is severe bloating.  Bloating can quickly take sky-high levels of motivation and put you into a serious slump as you start to feel like all your hard work is just not paying off.

…to establish the difference between real fat gain and bloating…

It’s vital that you are able to establish the difference between real fat gain and bloating so that this doesn’t occur, but even better yet is if you can just combat the bloating in the first place.

The good news is that with a few helpful strategies, you can put much of the bloating that you’re experiencing behind you.

Let’s take a quick peak at the main points that will help you out.

Avoid High-Salt Foods

The first quick tip is one that most people already know and that is to avoid high-salt foods.  But, this doesn’t just apply to the traditional high-salt foods that most people think of – table salt, canned foods and soups, as well as soy sauce.

Remember, sodium lurks almost everywhere. If you aren’t careful, you could easily be consuming far more than you think simply because it’s hidden.  Start reading labels so you can get your facts straight.

What is the recommended salt intake per day?

  • 1000 mg for children aged 1 to 3
  • 1200 mg for children aged 4 to 8
  • 1500 mg for people aged 9 to 50
  • 1300 mg for adults aged 51 to 70
  • 1200 mg for seniors aged 70+

Drink Herbal Tea

Next, another great tip to try is to sip on some herbal tea.  Drinking more water is one of the best ways to combat bloating and herbal tea can also help to soothe the bloat even further.

Just be sure not to add sugar or honey as this will add extra calories that you just don’t need.

Just be sure not to add sugar or honey as this will add extra calories that you just don’t need.  When trying to lose weight, sugar is the last thing that you want to be consuming.

Eat Celery

Moving along, eating plenty of celery is another great way to help reduce the impact of bloating. While celery does add some bulk to your meals, the good thing about it is that it will act as a diuretic in the body, so this can help you shed the excess water.

Start snacking on this regularly on those days where you feel especially bloated.

Avoid Too Much Fiber

Speaking of bulk, that’s the next point to consider. While it is important that you do get in enough fiber on a daily basis, avoid overdoing your fiber intake or jumping your intake upwards too quickly.

So how much is too much? Try and consume around 20-30g of fiber per day.

Both of these can cause a little too much bloating to occur and make it harder to get that slim, svelte look that you’re after.

Stress Less

Finally, the last quick tip to help combat bloating is to aim to keep your stress levels as low as possible.  Leading a high stress lifestyle can also promote greater rates of bloating in the body, so by keeping your stress down as best as you possibly can, you can stay looking leaner and feel better about the progress that you’re making.

… a high stress lifestyle can also promote greater rates of bloating in the body …

So keep these key points in mind. Bloating doesn’t have to be something that gets you down as long as you make a few smart adjustments to your diet and lifestyle.


Shannon Clark holds a degree in Exercise Science from the University of Alberta. She is an AFLCA certified personal trainer with over 8 years experience. She has been featured in the Iron Man magazine and has contributed well over 400 articles to a variety of different websites dedicated towards muscle building and athletic performance.

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  • less stress the one that i can’t avoid..working in audit firm may i have less stress??