badri2.jpgFor da first time I actually have a friend competing in a singing competition, Badri Ibrahim! So vote for him in the current MyStarz LG Singing Competition Reality Show (Sundays 6pm on TV3)

So if you are looking for someone to vote for…vote for him. He’s an awesome chap, who was 2nd runner up at the 2006 Karaoke World Championships! Although he constantly loses to me in our PSP2 Tennis battles hahahah he definitely can sing better than me la…. Go Badri! Proud of you man!

PS: I’ll do my best to be there next Sunday.

Update: Visit for more information

Kevin Zahri

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  • fren:

    ok kev,
    1 will vote for badri….

  • Anonymous

    we definitely will vote for him……

  • Badri Ibrahim

    Hey bro!
    Thanks for the promo…. appreciate it so much. Hope to see you not only this coming Sunday, but hope you can make it every week.

    p/s : I’m getting better with the tennis (PSP la bro… not the real tennis).

  • no problem bad….
    least I can do! ;)

  • najah

    hye.., i love badri… i will vote for him..go badri!!

  • najah

    congrats to badri… be cool man… i will support u 4 eva after… go!go!go! don,t give up!