I wanna lose weight…help me!

Q:I umur dah 29, female. My problem is i keep on gaining weight eventhough i rasa i tak makan banyak. I eat one or twice a day, no more than that. Tapi selalunya I makan sehari sekali (lunchtime).. malam I amik roti with butter or keropok je..And i do take rice. I love lauk ayam too.. especially fried chicken. I admit I memang suka fried foods and tak favor steamed or boiled foods.I makan nasi pun tak de la banyak.. kekadang satu mangkuk kecil.. kekadang less. But I’ve gained about 8 kilos since last September 2005. And I’m so worried about that, now my weight is around 65-65 kilograms while my height is only 153cm.. Wanna get some advice from you. I really2 wanted to lose weight. Please advice.

A: Thanks for the email. TO answer your questions:

  • As you get older, its easier to gain weight as
    • Your metabolism slows down naturally
    • Usually we become less active. Hence body doesn’t require as much energy (food)
  • You are not eating enough!
    • Since you hanya makan 1-2 kali sehari, your body ia seolah-olah in puasa mode and slows down, thinking it needs to preserve energy, the result? You feel lethargic and well, hungry!
    • When you’re hungry you’ll usually memilih makanan yang kurang elok. Its all about controlling your nafsu!
    • My advice is to eat small & balanced meals 5-6 times a day. This way your body is processing food consistently dan basically “heatup” and raises your metabolism
  • What you should do:
    • Eat consistently (small but balanced meals 5-6 times a day)
    • Try to include some physical activity in your week. Pick something you can enjoy.
    • Cuba kurang makanan yang anda tahu tidak akan menolong you. This is all in your hands to remove! Once you can control your cravings, it’s a lot easier to make to eliminiation and better choices! Example: never go groceries shopping bila you lapar. U’ll surely pick the “wrong foods”…like going to the pasar ramadhan during puasa! :)
    • Go for whole carbs like wholegrain etc…these will give you
    • Give yourself time. It took a long time for you to gain weight….losing weight ideally should be a slow process as well. That way you masih bole enjoy your life & food and also can adjust your lifestyle (termasuk pemakanan) supada anda dapat mengamalkannya untuk long term!
    • Supplments like whey protein or fat burners membantu but only sekiranya anda dapat mengawal pemakanan secara am!

Hope this helps!

Kevin Zahri

Hi, my name is Kevin Zahri or affectionately known as Cikgu Fitness. I am an award winning health and fitness influencer, wellness activist based Malaysia and founder of this regions largest weight loss movement called Jom Kurus ... oh and a member of MENSA.

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